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A Reclining Female Figure - Edward Burne-Jones
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…”The key is in your heart, the portal is through your mind, once you cross through you are one with the Divine! Many of us rush for conclusions on the spiritual path of being, everyone is seeking for an answer to validate their existence, but what will happen when you realize that you ARE the Universe?! The only thing holding us back from transcending spirit into matter, is the fear we cling to and worship like our master, but fear is only the byproduct when we choose to lead with the mind and ignore our inner heart pattern. For our inspiration and expansion arises through the expression of passion that reflects inside us, as we each carry a unique gift in which we can master as we travel on this cosmic journey, and when we follow our bliss with a fearless heart, we suddenly discover the portal that re-ignites our inner spirit connection. They say the further one travels the less one knows, and enlightenment is ego’s biggest disappointment, but IT is how we live after having A Divine Moment of Truth, the day to day integration of spirit through matter, the art of making the unconscious conscious, this IS what needs far more cultivation in our society!”
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REBORN by Natalia Rak

jan betts
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You better all fucking reblog this.

I got to reblog this, it’s true


This may be the most important thing I’ve ever had on my blog.

This actually brought me to tears

Everyone that see’s this on their dashboard and reblog this no matter what type of blog you are. If not, I’m ashamed of you.